It Ain’t Easy Yuh

Mixed Media Sculpture

This piece was purchased by the Central Bank Of Barbados in 2014 from the Crop Over Visual Arts Competition.


Small Open Economies are often forced to import more than they export because of limited capacity. In addition, to produce their exports they have to use imported goods even for indigenous products. This creates an uneven balance between exports and imports where exchange in not
directly proportionate. In fact it takes a lot more exports to have a positive effect on imports. Not only due to the imbalance, but also because of the effort needed to overcome the “friction” created by the economic “mechanism”. We as Bajans are faced with this challenge and we need to create
“big rock” ideas to help tip the scale and bring about balance. This is the responsibility of all Bajans not just Political Parties, Government or the Private Sector. A combined, focused effort is needed to have a positive effect on this imbalance.